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Uw winkelmandje is leeg

Studio Parazon

Birthstone Charm (necklace not included)


Celebrate the beauty of your uniqueness with our exquisite Birthstone Charms. Each charm is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of every month, making them a thoughtful and personalized addition to your jewelry collection.

January brings the deep red allure of Garnet, symbolizing strength and protection.

February's Amethyst is a regal purple gem associated with peace and tranquility.

March boasts the serene beauty of Aquamarine, reflecting the calming hues of the ocean.

April's charm showcases the timeless elegance of Diamond, embodying love and purity.

The lush green Emerald of May signifies rebirth and growth.

June's Moonstone captures the essence of beauty and sophistication.

July's Ruby, a fiery red gem, represents passion and energy.

August welcomes Peridot, a vibrant green stone symbolizing strength and good fortune.

The mesmerizing Sapphire of September embodies wisdom and loyalty.

October's Opal dazzles with its iridescence, reflecting a spectrum of colors and emotions.

The warm hues of Topaz in November signify joy and abundance.

December's Turquoise exudes a tranquil vibe, promoting well-being and protection.

To create a truly unique piece, we recommend pairing your Birthstone Charm with our stunning stainless gold necklaces and an initial charm (find them under 'Studio Parazon') , available separately. This allows you to mix and match different charms to create a personalized necklace that tells your story and celebrates your special moments.

Elevate your style and embrace the significance of your birthmonth with these captivating gems. Purchase your favorite charms and build a collection that reflects your journey and individuality.