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Single party chain earring back gold plated

The Single Party Chain Earring Back Gold Plated will make any stud earring into a statement piece. The chain earring back has two different chains that give you to option to make your favourite studs into a swinging statement earring that will add something extra to your earring collection.

If our FW23 collection were an era, it would be London in the 1960s, colloquially known as “the swinging sixties’’. The illumination of newfound freedoms manifested into quirky fashionistas, playful patterns and a kaleidoscope of colourful geometric and sculpted jewellery. The 1960s colour combinations were unashamedly bold, ignited by the compulsion to clash colours purposefully as a projection for female freedom of expression and independent design choices. The FW23 collection cherishes the classical British styles explored through new techniques and vibrant materials representative of the ultra-chic fashions of the time.

• 925 Sterling Silver with 1-micron layer 14K gold
• Measurements: 4 x 1 x 0,2 cm
• Sold individually